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Somebody to Love

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  Grace Norwood loves her job as a DJ at a small radio station. She'd only meant it as a little joke when, after meeting Brian Talbot, the handsome new Advertising and Promotions manager, she played the song "Somebody to Love" during her special show--and quipped that she'd met someone who needed somebody to love.

Before she knew it, the idea had taken hold and the station was running a promotion to find a girlfriend for Brian.

Brian resents the idea and decides to turn the tables on Grace. The radio station is soon running a second promotion--finding a boyfriend for Grace.

Despite her growing attraction to Brian, Grace is afraid he is like her former boyfriend, who cared more for money and status than for people. Raised by idealistic parents, she is convinced that someday she will find somebody to love. Could it be Brian?

Betrayed by his former girlfriend, Brian doesn't believe in love, and fights the urge to give his heart to Grace.

As the radio station's audience listens, Grace and Brian go through the motions of finding Valentine's Day dates…all the while struggling with their growing feelings for each other.

Will the two of them learn to listen to their hearts and discover somebody to love…in each other?

"Denholtz's great novel and terrific characters give readers something to love."
Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine

"It's a charming and sweet romance that will keep you riveted until the end."

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