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Setting the Stage for Love

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When Brooke Perez, a stage and scenery designer, runs into her old boyfriend, William Jenkins, she’s surprised to find how attracted she is now to her first teenage crush. But after being betrayed recently by another man, she only wants to see William casually. He’s an old friend… right? William knows Brooke values honesty, and he’s keeping the secret that he arranged their meeting. The more he spends time with her, the more he knows that his feelings are no longer a teen’s… but the feelings of a man for a woman. How will she feel about his deception? As they spend time together, Brooke’s life is becoming complicated. Between a cat she’s rescuing, a famous Egyptologist who’s also pursuing her, helping with her brother’s romantic problems, and starring in a community production, she’s got her hands full. She has blossoming feelings for William—but she’s frightened of taking a chance on romance. Can she set the stage for the most important performance of all—true love? By the author of “A Taste of Romance”


Roni Denholtz - New Jersey Romance Author - Writer