A Taste of Romance

Nicole Vitarelli's local cable TV cooking show, A TASTE OF ROMANCE, has become very popular and gained a nice following. She finds herself in a quandary, however, when her executive producer suggests she have the boyfriend she talks about so fondly appear on the show. That wouldn't be such a problem, except for one thing-he's imaginary! Nicole has to come up with someone to play the part, fast.

Jeremy Perez, Nicole's neighbor, is trying to keep a low profile and distance himself from his famous family. All he wants is to be accepted and loved for who he is. When Nicole approaches him to play the part of her boyfriend, he's willing to oblige-but only if Nicole agrees to make him some home-cooked meals.
Will their relationship-and the TV show-turn into a recipe for disaster? Or can the two of them put aside their fears and savor a tasty romance?