Negotiating Love

Third grade teacher Valerie McFadden is committed to working on the teachers' negotiations team to improve salaries and working conditions for her fellow teachers. When she meets Douglas Cooper, the handsome owner of Family Tire Center, they both feel an instant attraction. But she soon discovers that Douglas is on the Board of Education’s negotiating team.

Raising his orphaned nephew and niece, Douglas is concerned with the town's education and school issues. And since he was burned by a former girlfriend, he finds it hard to trust Valerie.

Valerie has her own former heartbreak to deal with. But as Valerie and Douglas spend time with his niece and nephew, by themselves, and across the negotiating table, their feelings grow.

But trouble is brewing in Valerie's class; negotiations are not going smoothly; and controversy arises when people realize Douglas and Valerie are seeing each other.

Will the two of them learn to listen to their hearts and negotiate the most important agreement of all….love?