Lights of Love

Chapter I

Nancy paused before entering the room where the annual art exhibit was being displayed. She had quietly slipped out of the temple's social hall, not wanting others to know she was headed here. Taking a deep breath, she walked into the room, scanning the artwork for the photograph that had won first prize.

The minute she caught sight of it, her heart started hammering.

The card adjacent to the photograph was neatly printed SUMMER SKYLINE, Michael D. Powers. But it wasn't only the name of Nancy's first love that held her riveted in place, staring at the picture.

It was the subject.

Nancy recognized exactly where it had been taken. The spot high on the hill, just a few blocks from the Powers' house in South Orange, where the New York skyline was clearly visible.

Their place.

Nancy felt as if a spotlight had been turned on--a spotlight aimed straight at her soul, illuminating her heart.

She caught her breath.

The bright colors, the haze of heat and smog over the Manhattan skyline, the lush tree in the foreground contrasting sharply--Mike had captured it all. She wasn't surprised that he had won first prize in the temple's annual art exhibit.

What surprised her was her own reaction. The rush of sweet memory that engulfed her as she gazed at the photograph was so intense, it almost hurt.

And those memories were so sharp it was as if she could smell the scent of the masculine, spicy aftershave Mike used to wear.

She took a slow, steadying breath. Get a grip, she told herself sternly. Don't get carried away.
She did smell his aftershave.

He was here.

For a moment, she froze. Then, taking another, more shallow breath, she turned away from the photograph and faced the doorway of the temple's library, the skirt of her forest green dress swishing gently against her knees.

Mike Powers stood in the doorway.